A new UCSF Box file has been created specifically for cash, Automated Clearing House credits , and wire transfers that have not been claimed by departments for 60 days. This Monthly Undistributed Cash, ACH, and Wire Payments file will be updated on a monthly basis by the 15th business day of each month. The Controller’s Office recommends claiming all funds within five business days of the cash deposit, Automated Clearing House payment, or wire transfer. Your timely claiming of funds and journal submission helps ensure that revenue for your department is posted to the General Ledger correctly and without delay.

startup checklist, a comprehensive list must be handled in view of the customer until the transaction is complete. This information has been developed to assist you in the proper compliance with Wisconsin statutory requirements. These procedures must be followed to ensure compliance with state law and the safeguarding of University assets, and to protect you and the University from alleged negligence.

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Changes in University cash handling policies and procedures may be made periodically and will be communicated via E-mail. The most current copy of the cash handling procedure is located on the Cashier’s Office website. The information herein supersedes all previous cash handling procedures. Deliver gifts of currency to the Cashier’s Office with all related donor correspondence attached.


The scope of these procedures includes but is not limited responsibilities of departments and cash handlers citywide. The procedures provide guidelines for training, cash receipt handling, receipting, depositing, reporting and hiring practices. The Office of the Bursar has significantly reduced the amount of cash it keeps on hand. As a result, departments requesting to cash petty cash checks greater than $100 and change orders in excess of $100 must allow two business days for transport to the bank and cash exchange. The booklet is intended as a guide to the cash handling process, from obtaining change funds through depositing.

Accounting On The Cash Receipts Record Form

Large sums of cash should be counted and handled out of sight of the general public. Doors should be locked at all times in areas where cash is handled. Unauthorized persons should not be allowed in areas where cash is handled. Armored Car Services are to be used to transport deposits directly to the bank or to the Treasurer’s Office.

DocuSign allows custodians and managers to review, approve, and certify the letters more easily. This enhancement also streamlines the verification process and makes it easier to monitor progress and compliance. Funds deposited into UCSF’s campus bank account are often intended for campus departments and must be claimed to move them to the appropriate chartstring. The MyReports Transaction Detail Report contains a record of all cash transactions that have occurred and can be filtered for specific a department. The University defines cash as currency, coins, checks, money orders, Electronic Fund Transfer , and e-commerce transactions such as credit card transactions.

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This will the person with the code cannot access the room without a second person. The person with the combination to the safe should not be one of the people involved in handling the cash in the safe. Some churches only handle cash when counting weekly offerings, but other churches handle cash at church events, lobby coffee shops, or church bookstores. Every church is different, and each has very specific needs when it comes to handling cash. The reason is – unsupervised access to cash is simply too tempting for many people, particularly people with financial needs. Show the hiring managers that you are versatile behind the cash desk, and won’t need days of training to handle the job.

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To pass this course, an 80% or higher grade must be attained on each assessment. You must make a deposit if total cash and checks on hand reach $200.00 or if you have had ANY of the cash receipts for more than three business days. Deliver all cash receipts with a printed copy of the Web Departmental Deposit form to the Cashier’s Office no later than 4pm. If you receive a large check or a large amount of currency late in the day, call the Cashier’s Office for instructions. If the Cashier’s Office is closed, secure the receipts as described in item 6 and deposit them the next business day. Thousands of dollars exchange hands daily on campus, usually in the form of cash, checks and credit cards.

Keep just the minimum amount of cash at your station by making regular cash deposits to a main or sub-cashiering station or the night deposit. If using a cash register, remove extra accumulated cash and store it in a secure location until the deposit can be processed. So far, you have endorsed the check, given a receipt to the customer, and kept your cash in a locked and secure location. The timely deposit of monies received provides for improved control of funds which reduces the risk of loss due to errors, carelessness, or theft. Separate money into denominations and count all cash including coins.

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Cash Handling Procedure Training #2 – Cash Handling 3 Days

A watermark, created during the paper-making process, depicts the same historical figure as the portrait. On the redesigned $10 note, a blank oval has been incorporated into the design to highlight the watermark’s location. Most personal checks will have micro printing on the signature line that can be identified with a magnifying glass. Payment tracking – All payments, both physical and digital, need to be tracked, monitored and properly stored. Cash handling involves tracking the acceptance and disbursement of cash in a business.

Cash handling procedures can help to protect the organization, and the employee and prevent fraud. The study of fraud and embezzlement has shown that people with an incentive , rationalization , and the right opportunity are candidates for embezzling funds. Regardless of whether you worked with cash before or not, you should show your confidence in handling money, as well as taking care of other working duties.


We’ve created a list of cash handling procedure training to help workers who handle money perform their tasks efficiently. These include basic math operations, cash register operations, and more. Temple University personnel who receive and/or deposit cash must properly safeguard the cash, deposit it timely into university accounts and properly record the transaction. Cash handlers are not to exchange checks for currency to make change for each other. Nor are employees of a cashiering station to cash checks for themselves or for co-workers.

But if you do face competition of many other job seekers, or perhaps interview in a group, it’s not a bad idea giving them one or two unconventional answers. Just to say something they will remember, something that will help them to distinguish you in the crowd. Two employees are present during the removal of all night depository contents. Require that two people are present whenever cash is transported from one location to another.

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Deliver each validated deposit slip/eDeposit form to the Reconciler. It is important that the safe is in a secure location and out of public sight. Records should be kept on all cash deposits and audited at least annually.

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